Guernsey Dental Laboratory Offers a Wide Variety of Mouthguard Related Services

Guernsey Dental Laboratory offers personalised fit and manufacturing of sports mouthguards to help protect you from any type of injury caused by sudden impact of the head and jaw area. Our mouthguards are both custom-fitted as well as custom designed, meeting virtually any need.


Custom Fit

Some people presume all mouthguards are the same. They are not!

A custom-made Guernsey mouthguard is vacuum formed and shaped on an exact model of your teeth. After a short time, it will feel a part of you, resulting in better performance all round.


All our mouthguard materials are CE marked and of the highest quality. Only mouthguards that fit the individual mouth structure will stay in the right position and so be able to absorb and spread the load during impact.


Along with having the most protective mouthguard you will have the most comfortable. Premium fit means no movement, which results in more comfort. Breathing and also speech are not so affected - all important to the athlete!


Each mouthguard is completely individual, from colour to name, from team logo to team member. There are a huge range of colours and designs to chose from, ranging from clear, one-coloured, striped, glittered, marbled, flags, in fact virtually any design is possible. Just use your imagination!

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