Custom-Made Mouthguards from Guernsey Dental Laboratory

Here at Guernsey Dental Laboratory, we fit and manufacture custom-made mouthguards from the initial impression to the final fit. All of our work is done inhouse at our modern, all-purpose facility.


A blow to the face can send shockwaves through the skull fracturing front teeth, but also causing serious injuries such as concussion and damage to the jaws and gums.


Mouthguards act like a shock absorber, spreading the force over a larger area. This dissipation of energy limits its effect, helping to reduce or prevent injury.


Most sporting organisations, clubs and schools have made it compulsory for their athletes to wear mouthguards. There are many different mouthguards available on the market, however for maximum protection and comfort the clear recommendation of the British Dental Association, the Rugby Football
Union, the English Hockey Association and many other sporting bodies is that custom fitting mouthguards should be worn.


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